Getting back to our Roots

Our grandfather was born in 1921 in Sugar City, Idaho.  This small farming community sits in the middle of Eastern Idaho, one of the world's most productive potato growing regions.  With our roots in the Western states of Idaho, Colorado, and Utah, we grew to love the delicious taste of Idaho® potatoes.  In fact, when we were young boys our family moved to the Midwest and we can still remember our mother talking about how much she missed Idaho® potatoes.

Idaho's beautiful potato fields lie beneath the shadows of the majestic Teton Mountain range.  These quiet farmlands are rich with volcanic soil and irrigated by pure mountain water.  Add in warm summer days and cool nights and you quickly see why Idaho grows the best tasting potatoes on earth.





Realizing that true Idaho® potato flavor was missing from the snack and food aisles, we started out on a mission to create the best tasting potato chip in the world, made with 100% certified Idaho® russet potatoes.  A chip that not only would taste amazing, but also be made from high quality, wholesome ingredients and be flavored solely with natural spices.          

Teton Valley Brands is more than a potato chip company.  We are committed to delivering great tasting foods that come from simple and natural ingredients. 

Taste the Idaho® difference.

All products handcrafted in Idaho, USA

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