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Assorted Teton Valley Brands potato chip flavors

We’ve crafted a potato chip made with the best ingredients and 100% Real Idaho® potatoes. The result is an all natural and deep potato-flavored chip. Or, as we like to call them — Real Idaho potato chips.

Made in Idaho by Idahoans

Simple Ingredients.
Homegrown Flavors.

Unlike conventional potato chips, Real Idaho® Potato Chips are made without artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or refined salts.

No Artificial
Man checking potato chips at a factory

Hand-selected Idaho potatoes

Every Potato We Use Comes From Idaho Farms

So why do we use Real Idaho potatoes? Well, because they are quite simply the best! Idaho’s growing season is warm with cool nights. Combine that with rich volcanic soil, Idaho produces a potato that is second to none in taste and texture. The perfect potato, the perfect chip.

Made in Idaho

Made with heart in NAMPA, ID

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is located just west of Boise, in Nampa, ID. We are devoted to keeping the entire process of producing, shipping and manufacturing this product in the great state of Idaho. The plant currently employs ten members of the community and we look forward to growing much more in the years to come.

Map of USA. Idaho is highlighted.

Our Potato Partners

Supported By Legacy Potato Farmers

We are proud to partner with the legacy farmers at Cranney Farms. Homesteaded in Idaho in 1907, this multi-generational Idaho-based company is a leading Idaho potato farm based in Oakley, Idaho. Cranney Farms is the primary potato supplier for Teton Valley Brands and a partner in the future of Teton Valley Brands.

Potato farmer

We have been a fan of Teton Valley Brands, and its success has been undeniable. As a family business, Cranney Farms is drawn to opportunities that highlight our Idaho legacy and provide a chance to show the world that Idaho grown potatoes are simply the best. We are proud to be partnering on what we believe will be another generational business for both of our families.

(Great-great-grandson of the founder/fifth generation to work on this 20,000 acre Idaho farm)
Bag of Salt and Vinegar potato chips
Bag of Jalapeno potato chips
Bag of Backyard BBQ potato chips
Bag of Salted potato chips

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